Wear Ever Mfg’s Universal Quick Change Rivet Gun has been designed to meet the industry’s need for a reliable, heavy-duty tool that stands up to the job in today’s solar industry and related construction fields. We began the project to resolve the maintenance problems and downtime experienced by solar foundation panel installers using current industry tools. The result is a redesigned tool that is lighter, more reliable, and efficient. With a 9-ton pull and and 2 1/8" stroke, our product can do the job of two separate competitor's guns.

UNIVERSAL The unique interchangeable tips and collets allow the tool to work with a variety of sized and banded rivets.

EASY TO CLEAN The use of four lead screws allows for fast and easy teardown of the unit; operators can disassemble and clean the unit in just under two minutes.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COOL Constructed of light weight aircraft aluminum, keeping the tool cool and light-weight for all day use.


• An integrated floating anvil decreases the chances of stripping or crushing the teeth of the rivet while absorbing the shock produced by B.O.M. rivets.

• A threaded, locking quick-change collar lets the user rotate and/or remove the anvil from the gripper for cleaning while debris slots allow for removal of contamination.

• With easy removal of the anvil, the tip and gripper can be changed out to modify the gun to install a different style of rivet. This allows the gun to be used for both B.O.M. and Lock Bolt rivets.

• An internal wiper ring is used to prevent contamination from damaging the piston seal, extending the tool’s life.

We are pleased to partner with Enerpac for the power supply to achieve the best possible reliability for the job. Enerpac offers a standard power supply for the single gun, and a larger, 18 hp power unit that runs four guns simultaneously.